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Policy Studio

Rodadero Ink Tattoo Studio Amsterdam

At Rodadero Ink Amsterdam, we aim to give you the most personal and comfortable tattoo experience. In order to ensure that both parties are committed to the tattoo process, we have implemented a deposit policy. This policy helps us manage our schedule effectively and guarantees that everybody is treated fairly. On top of that, we have couple house rules, so we invite all our clients to get familiar with them beforehand.

Booking Confirmation:

  • Upon scheduling an appointment with one of our artists, a non-refundable* deposit is required to secure your booking.

  • Once the deposit is received and confirmed (you can also send us a confirmation screenshot to speed up the process), your appointment will be officially booked in our agenda.

Deposit Amount and Deduction:

  • The standard deposit is €50 per person. This amount can be adjusted by the artist based on the estimated time, size and complexity of the tattoo.

  • The deposit can be made either in person at our studio (cash/card) or through an online payment method: bank transfer, PayPal (transfer fees apply). Details for online payment will be provided upon request.

  • The deposit amount is always communicated before the booking. 

  • The deposit will be deducted from your tattoo cost on the day of the appointment after the tattoo was done.

  • For multi-session projects, the deposit will be held towards the last session of the tattoo.

Rescheduling and Cancellations:

  • 48h+ notice —> The session will be rescheduled to the closest possible date with the same or another artist (if no artist preference was given). The deposit is transferred to the rescheduled session.

  • <48h notice —> Full deposit is forfeited to compensate the artist and the studio. Session can be rescheduled only after repayment of the deposit. 

  • If you anticipate being late, please inform us as soon as possible. However, please note that arriving excessively late may result in rescheduling, and the deposit will be subject to the rescheduling policy.

Tattoo Design:

The design (unless brought by you) is an intellectual property of the artist. For certain custom designs, the nearest available time slot might not be possible. Drawing time is working time, and therefore it influences the final tattoo price.

  • No drawings or drafts are emailed or otherwise showed before your scheduled appointment time!

  • By choosing an artist/our studio you acknowledge that they are able to implement your idea (based on their art style/portfolio) and come up with a design up to your liking.

  • You will preview the design at the beginning of the appointment.

  • Minor adjustments of the previewed design can be accommodated free of charge at the beginning of the appointment. The artist will let you know whether the requested adjustment exceeds their time limit. 

  • Minor design changes can be communicated up to 48h before the appointment. After that time the artist reserves the right to reschedule your appointment as they might not have enough time to adjust the design.

Major design changes, however, may require rescheduling, and the deposit will be subject to the rescheduling policy.


  • We don’t work based on an hourly rate. We give a price per project.

  • The studio has a starting price of €90, and all artists are encouraged to stick to it. However, general prices differ between artists. 

  • The pricing depends on the design, size and placement. It is because certain designs require more preparation time/execution time/materials/supporting equipment. This is how two small tattoos can have very different prices. 

  • If you want to receive a specific quote beforehand (we understand that customers want to prepare budget-wise), please send us all the required information:
    - design idea with reference images and explanation
    - approximate size in cm (please don’t use expressions like big/small - they are very subjective)
    - placement(s) you are considering
    Only then, we are able to properly estimate the cost. 

  • We reserve a right to price adjustment in case of design/size changes.

  • Your tip goes directly to the artist and no percentage is deducted from it by the studio.


  • In the event of a cancellation or a no-show, the deposit will not be refunded. The deposit is therefore non-refundable except under exceptional circumstances:

    • the client has, including but not limited to, an unforeseen medical emergency or a flight cancellation (has to be done on the part of the airlines).

    • artist themselves and/or the studio have to cancel the appointment  

  • Refund requests must be made in writing and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

  • The artist/studio reserves the right to refund the deposit within 10 working days from accepting the refund request. The studio can only guarantee when the deposit is sent, not when it is delivered.


  • Our studio gives a life-time guarantee for our works. 

  • If the tattoo fades after the healing process of 2-3 months, you can send us a photo and request a touch-up. 

  • Touch up requests must be made in writing or in person at the studio. The artist will assess whether the touch-up is indeed needed. This touch-up will be free of charge.

  • You will be charged for touch-ups needed due to negligence of the healing process or withholding information about your medical conditions. 

  • Touch-ups of finger and hand tattoos are not included in the guarantee due to the nature of skin in that area. Artist will perform those on request, but not free of charge. The cost will depend on the amount of required work

Bringing a company:

  • In most cases, clients are allowed to bring one person that will accompany them during the tattoo process. Occasionally, we allow more people.

  • To be certain, please ask us beforehand, sometimes we experience an extremely high traffic, and we simply cannot accommodate more people than absolutely necessary.

  • Avoid coming with very small children. The studio is not really child-proofed and therefore we will not be responsible for eventual injury of your child.

  • Pets are not allowed by default. We are able to accommodate for them in special instances (e.g. service dogs), however, that requires preparation from our side.. Every request needs to be made in writing and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. 


  • We strongly advice you to eat before the appointment, even if you scheduled a tiny tattoo. 

  • In case of longer sessions, snacks are required! Tattoos can be a lot to handle for a body. Please provide it with any support it might need, and that includes fuel.

  • Don’t shave on the day of the appointment! Contrary to the general opinion, your artist will appreciate it. Shaved skin is a healing skin, and healing skin is more difficult to tattoo.

  • Wear comfortable clothing, with an easy access to the focus area. Dark clothes are recommended as tattoo ink dyes fabrics irreversibly.
    TIP: are you getting a back tattoo/thigh tattoo/sternum etc.? Bear in mind that you might have to spend several hours in one position, with half of your body exposed. Wear several layers on the remaining parts of your body as you can get pretty cold. You can get creative, for example, some clients getting a back tattoo bring a bathrobe and put it on backwards to keep their torso and arms warm.

  • Don’t use lotion on the day of the appointment. Some lotions clog the skin and if the skin is already saturated, it will affect the tattooing process. However, it is recommended to moisturise your skin regularly to keep it as healthy as possible.

  • Take care of your vitamin intake to improve condition of your skin.

  • Don’t forget about hydration.

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