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Tattooist Castro

Tattooist Castro is the leader of  Rodadero Ink Team.
He loves different styles but especially black and grey. Always loves big projects but also crazy little things.
Alba Tattooist Amsterdam Artist .jpg

Alba Tattooist

Alba Tattooist is specialized in fineline tattoos but also loves color art, black work and other styles.
Andres - sour_tattoo_art - Rodadero Ink Amsterdam.HEIC

Sour Tattoo

Andres @sour_tattoo_art draws inspiration from oriental, traditional and new school styles to create his sour designs. 

Guest Artists

We have an amazing group of artist that visit us during the year and make beautiful tattoos. You want to plan your tattoo? Check their work here!
Zuzanna Altmann - manager tattoo - Rodadero Ink Amsterdam.HEIC

Our manager

Zuzanna is the manager of our studio. She connects clients with the artists and ensures that the studio runs as smoothly as possible. 
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