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Every place has an History

All the places begin with an idea, conceived by light into the mind, that feeling inside your belly, something alike the butterflies when you see the person you love.

Rodadero Ink is the son of Amuleto Tattoo, was born from the light of 2 artists and a sponsor who's believe that art is the answer for happiness.

In the north coast of Colombia, in the city of Santa Marta you found a place called Rodadero, a bay with gold sand and calm blue water, paradise that give good feeling to all the citizen. In this city, piece of paradise Alba Tattooist and Camilo Tattooist Castro went to be a couple of month trying to get that sunny tan and felted in love with this shinning place,staying in there for more time. With the need on their hearts of making art and noticing that in the city the people wanted to have tattoos of quality decided to open a tattoo studio and the best name was RODADERO INK Santa Marta.

This idea was really welcome by the Santa Marta's people and with the success determined that was a good moment to tour, never forgetting about our costumers in Amsterdam, from that we expended few months in America and few in Europe, rolling, touring, meeting wonderful persons, enjoying the amusement of giving art and receiving gratefulness.

But as family we also had bounds that brought us back to Nederland from this beautiful adventure.

Amsterdam is the city who adopted us. Is a place where all the nationalities and the freedom meet each other, where you find art and beautiful places, getting mixed with history and great actitud is a city you would love, I Do!

With this idea and the love we have for the city (and all our costumers looking for us) we decided to continue with Rodadero Ink but this time in Amsterdam

It take few month to find the place and put the wheels of this new idea but RODADERO INK AMSTERDAM began.

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