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Neotraditional Tattoos

Neo traditional it can being defined as the new traditional, evolved and synchronized with the development of the environment of a present fluent and influent. Brings higher level of sensibility and flexibility in confront of the traditional.

Tattooist Castro Work Pineapple

Neotraditional tattoos are really wanted now!

Is the magistral mix of the items from the beginning of tattoo known as American Traditional Tattoo and the new ideas and techniques, bright colors in handsome sailors, pin ups with realistic shading bordered by bold lines, delicate letterings in between colorful animals and flowers in traditional style, I can continue writing so many ideas but it will be hours of reading... I don't think that's what you are looking for now.

Bold lines remembering the Traditional Tattoo with new colors, shadings and new inspirational totems are the key to get a neo traditional design!

Neotraditional color tattoo by Tattooist Castro

neotraditional tattoo by Alba Tattooist

Neotraditional design by Alba Ljubika Rodadero Ink

Neotraditional leave by Tattooist Castro

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